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Rawaj For E marketing

With Rawaj, you can easily market your brand by planning your advertising campaigns and using our automated systems to publish via social networking sites and WhatsApp, and achieve fame and spread

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Use our automated publishing systems

We are coming with the only company in Sudan that uses smart solutions and artificial intelligence systems through our automatic systems to publish on social media and WhatsApp, which makes your brand known and saves you effort and time to devote yourself to developing your business. You can target only real customers who are interested in your activity, which achieves a greater amount of profit.


You can accurately define your target audience, 

which makes you  target the effective audience 

that is interested in your business


Our marketing systems are fully automated, 

we use the latest methods of automatic 

publishing in social networking sites


You can contact our team at any time to

 discuss the best options that suit your advertising

 campaign and the best ways to fly your business

Our Services​ :

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Facebook Auto Poster

With the automatic post system via Facebook, you can publish your ads daily in the targeted pages and groups automatically to get new customers who are interested in your business. Come with us for fame and spread

Facebook Auto commenter 

The automatic comment system via Facebook from Rawaj is the best mechanism to enhance your posts and live broadcasts simply because it enables you to obtain a large number of comments from different accounts automatically, which gives your ads higher reliability and credibility

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Facebook Auto messenger 

With Facebook Auto Messenger, you can send an unlimited number of messages to people directly in Messenger to create the largest number of interaction and spread. You can also target the audience only interested in your activity so that your campaign is more effective.

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WhatsApp Auto Sending

With WhatsApp Auto Sender, which is completely automated, you can send an infinite number of WhatsApp messages per day, which may reach numbers of hundreds of thousands of messages per day. How much can you generate automatic numbers to target the largest number of those interested in your activity​.

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 Web sites design

With Rawaj you can have a website
On the Internet, what distinguishes us is that we design websites in a professional and technically supported way, and there are many that we design according to the customer’s need and currency requirements.

 Certificate authentication service via Data Flow 

​With Rawaj Net, you can easily apply to document your university degrees, experience certificates, and professional practice licenses

Through our technical team, which will help you to make your certificates accredited to obtain the best jobs in international institutions, bodies and companies 

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Only three steps to success with Rawaj

Define your audience

Determine your target audience accurately and carefully, and we will definitely help you reach it

Make your plan

Create a tight plan for your advertising campaign.


Achieve fame and spread with Rawaj

More than 500,000 posts are the number that you can publish through our exclusive transmission systems in social media and WhatsApp.