Aya Salah beauty center:

With Aya Salah Beauty Center, we give you the best experience to always be radiant and make your appearance always bright so that you are in the most beautiful suit


Our Serveries:

Any Salah special packages

You can choose one of our special beauty packages, which are carefully designed so that you are always radiant

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Bridal makeup

We know that the wedding day is an exceptional day. Get a special experience with us so that you can be beautiful and radiant

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woman lying on blue towel with white cream on face

Skin treatment

With our specialized team and advanced equipment, we can treat all skin problems so that you can have clearer and  smoother

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With our skillful hands, we draw the most beautiful forms of henna to complete your elegance and make you more beautiful and bright Skin treatment

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Rent wedding dresses

Through our distinctive and varied collection of wedding dresses that keep pace with fashion and suit all tastes, you will be the most beautiful 

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Additional services

You can request one of our additional services that complement your elegance and beauty, such as installing nails, eyelashes, our distinctive accessories, and many others

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Aya Salah Eldeen 

makeup artist

With her golden fingers and more than six years of experience in the field of make-up, always be confident that you will be in the best possible appearance and you will always be radiant and have an attractive look because she is good at dealing with different skin types. This long experience enabled her to train many beauticians with witnesses approved by the center to be brilliant in field of make-up.

Mead Awed 


We can say that Miss Mehad is one of the best employees in the center, as she considers all brides to be part of her family. She is the first to receive you with a smile in our center. Kamal has the ability to pay attention to the smallest details to make you in the best possible suit. She is the one who receives your calls, responds to your inquiries, and organizes your reservation dates with extreme accuracy
Thanks Mehad


DR : Yaqeen Salah Elden 

Skin care specialist

An experienced dermatologist who knows fully that the bride’s final appearance lies in pure skin and fine details. She always works sincerely. She has the ability to work under different pressures. She has experience and patience. She is the one who will do the facial and take care of your skin, and she will take care of your eyebrows and eyelashes

Alaa Khader : 

Pedicure specialist

Because she knows that the bride on her wedding day is always tense, and because she is fun and you cannot get tired of her, she is the one who gives our center a sense of humor, as she is the one who will add luster to your fingers because she is accurate and professional


Henna Artist

She has a long experience that exceeds ten years in the field of henna. She is the one who will draw and calligraphy with her skilled and trained fingers.


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